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                  Alpha laser hair reduction, Volume lashes & Scuptra!! 


                                   Botox(Nuceiva) & fillers are here!!!! 



January 2021 special!!!!

1/2 hour hot stone back massage and basic facial for $105! Offer expires January 31st! 

Referral  program!! 

20% of for the person being referred and 20% off your next service! We have cards available to give out. Just place your name on the back of the card and we will do the rest! 

Loyalty program

For every 5 services each client will receive a bonus such as: free upgrades, discounted services and even free services! We even track your visits! 


Waxing & Threading  

Soft or hard wax is applied to remove the hair. If required an application of anti-redness cream is then applied. 

* 15 minutes to 1 hour

Brows                                        $15

Lip                                            $12

Chin                                          $15

    *$40 for all 3

1/2 leg                                       $30

full leg                                      $55

Bikini                                   $20&up

Half leg & bikini                        $45

Full leg & bikini                         $70

Brazilian                                $50&up

Half leg & Brazilian                    $70

Full leg & Brazilian                      $90

Brazilian Maintenance                 $45

Full arm                                      $30

Chest                                         $50

Back                                          $50



Threading is a method of hair removal that originated in Iran, India and Central Asia. it is a very precise and less aggressive to the epidermis. 

15 to 30 minute service 

Pricing is same as waxing. 

Manicures & Pedicures

Each service provides a hand/foot inspection, nails will be clipped, filed (foot paddling and soak for pedicures) and buffed. A massage and polish application(clients choice, of type and color) and foot powder. 

 * 1 to 1 1/2 hours

Mini Manicure                  $30

nails are clipped and and polish application is done. 

Basic Manicure                            $ 45

Nails are clipped, filed and soaked(dependent on polish application), cuticle oil, buffing of the nails and polish application followed by a massage. 

Working man Manicure                 $40

As described above, polish application is left out. Cuticle oil is applied, while nail plate is buffed. 

The Miracca Manicure                 $55 

All the steps of a basic manicure with the choice of paraffin wax treatment or hot/cold stone massage.

Basic pedicure                              $50

Feet are inspected, placed in foot soak, nails are clipped, filed and bottoms of feet are paddled. Massage is given, cuticle oil is applied, nails are buffed and polish applied. A foot powder is applied to prevent slippage. 

Working man pedicure                  $45

All of the steps of the basic pedicure, excluding the polish application. 

The Miracca Pedicure                    $65

The basic pedicure with massage of foot and leg. Client can choose to have a Paraffin treatment or hot/cold stone massage added. 

The Toenail Brace                        $50

The brace acts like a spring, it gently straightens and lifts the sides of the toenail. This will reduce the pressure of ingrown toe nails, straighten pincer, tiled and deformed nails. 

* Gel/Shellac application to manicure/pedicure $10 

* Gel removal $10

* Nail art $10

Artificial Nails 

Consultation is provided for the desired nail. Gel or acrylic nails are applied. Pre/post care are given. 

1 1/2 to 2 hour service

Gel Nails                                     $60

2 week fill                                    $45

3 week fill                                    $50

Nail art pricing is subject o change, price can be determined during service. average Nail Art is $10 


Swedish relaxation massage. slow remedial movements are used with essential oils to awaken the senses and enhance the service. 

The hot stone massage is applied with essential oils that will benefit each clients needs. certain precautions need to be followed, a consultation will be done prior to massage. Hot stone massage is a form of deep tissue massage. stones are heated and used to massage the body. essential oils are used for an added benefit. 

Relaxation massage                       $60

Hot stone 1/2 hour back massage    $80

Hot stone 1 hour full body massage $115


Nucieva (botox)

Consulatation is free with Dr. Rebecca Brewer.

Appointments are booked in private, if you would like to have a  free consultation contact us via facebook, or calling Miracca Spa (902)9553101 


Teoxane (fillers)

Appointment days are scheduled twice a month in private. 

$600 per vial


Each facial is tailored to meet each clients needs. When booking an appointment allow yourself extra time to fill out a questionnaire and discussion about desired results. 

* 1 hour

Basic Facial                                  $55

A double cleanse is performed, application of toner, skin analysis, exfoliation, steam& extractions(if recommended), massage, mask and application of moisturizer. Hot towels are used to provide comfort and product removal. 

The Miracca Facial           starting at $75

All the steps from the basic facial, a more advanced product is used along with a hand and arm massage. 

Acne Facial Treatment                   $65

A double cleanse is performed with product to address the acneic skin, tone, skin analysis, exfoliation(if skin is in the healthy stage),

Add a high frequency treatment to promote the rate of skin turnover and destroy unhealthy bacteria. $15

Dermaplaning                             $70

A double cleanse is performed, tone, the certified technician will then remove vellus hair and dead skin cells. This promotes collagen and elastin production, will allow better product penetration, removes unwanted hair, reduces the appearance of acne scars (fine lines and wrinkles) and more, a moisturizer is then applied. can be added to any facial for $45

The Miracca Dermaplane Treatment

                starting at $115

All of the basic dermaplane treatment, but with product used to focus more on aging skin. A enzyme peel is applied, which removes excess dead skin cells. high frequency is then used to promote better product penetration. High frequency treatment can also be added for an additional $15

Chemical facial peel 

free of gluten, parabens, phthalates & sulfates. Vegan and not tested on animals. 

A solution is used to dissolve dead skin and encourage cell turnover. it balances excess oil, fights p acne bacteria, helps fade hyperpigmentation and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. with consultation the appropriate peel will be used at professionals discretion.  $70

Brightening Facial Peel

Our facial peel, accompanied by a 5% lactic acid mask, Hydropeptides, LumaPro-C serum is incorporated into the massage and moisturizer.                         $95


Back Facial                              $70

The back is cleansed, toned, exfoliation, steam & extractions(if required),a massage, application of mask, moisturizer. 

The Miracca Back Facial           $85

All of the basic back facial steps are ​preformed, after the massage warm paraffin strips are applied, high frequency is used to help cleanse the skin and better penetrate the product. 

Lashes & brows

Each service provides a consultation with client. Before and after care, a long with education and recommendations for the clients individual care. 

1/2 to 1 hour service.

Lash lift & tint                             $80

A consultation is preformed prior to services. Lashes are attached to a rod, a solution is applied that will mold the lash into the curled form, results can last between 4 to 6 weeks, depending on the length, thickness and curl of natural lashes. A tint is applied to achieve desired color. 

Brow Lamination & tint                    $75

Brow lamination with with Henna      $125

Henna brow                                     $75

Brow lamination: Brows are placed in a desired shape and position, solution is applied which makes the hairs want to stay in the place. A tint is then applied to the brows. 

Henna: A new technique used to tint not only the brow hairs but the skin underneath the hairs. Results last for 6 to 8 weeks (depending on each person)

Lash tint                                     $15

Brow tint                                     $10

Both $22                        

Lash Extensions

A consultation is performed with client. The lashes are  prepared and individual lashes are adhered to the clients natural lash in a desired shape and length. Post care instructions and booking for fills can be done.  1 1/2 to 2 hour service

Classic lashes                              $115

2 week fill                                   $50

3 Week fill                                   $60

Hybrid lashes                              $140

2 week fill                                    $65

3 week fill                                    $75

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